A Day in the Life of an Orthodontic Assistant

There is no way we could describe what one-day looks like for a Dental or Orthodontic Assistant. Tasks change, but these are some things you may do over the course of a day.

Maintaining Patient Records
One of the roles of an orthodontic assistant is tracking, updating and maintaining patient records. This information is critical as it keeps the orthodontist informed of each patient’s needs and course of treatment.

Taking Dental Impressions and X-Rays
Used to best determine the course of treatment, orthodontic assistants obtain and record this important information. These tasks require knowledge of how the equipment works and how to properly make impressions. Also necessary are photographs of the teeth. Great schools understand the need for clear photography and will include that in the coursework.

Assist Orthodontist and Perform Basic Procedures
Once a patient has the aligners, braces or expanders, it’s the orthodontic assistant’s responsibility to perform minor adjustments. Those include the replacement or cutting of wires, refitting bands and tightening corrective coils. Assistants are also tasked with educating patients on good oral hygiene and how to care for the equipment if they should break.

In some offices, assistants do everything except for placing brackets. They do however, remove brackets once the treatment plan is complete.

Cleaning and Passing Dental Instruments
One of the most critical aspects of being a great orthodontic assistant is infection control and sterilization of instruments. They also need to have solid knowledge of the equipment they’re handling as well as a basic understanding of the performed treatment.

Some of the daily benefits, as said by one Orthodontic Assistant, “I really like building a long-term relationship and rapport with patients so I’m able to see the results when they are done with their treatment.”

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