Your Dream Job.

Altrain Assisting Academy offers lifelong job placement assistance for students.  The curriculum includes a three-hour job placement presentation where students learn how to find employment, where to find employment, what to wear, what to say and so much more. We view job placement as a team effort and expect students to remain in contact throughout their job search.

We are proud of our 2021-2022 Job Placement Rate of 94%.

Customized Resume

Working with Dental and Medical students, we prepare a professional resume customized with their experience and information.  Paralegal students are taught how to write their own.

Custom Cover Letters

Each student is provided a custom cover letter to match their resume. The cover letter highlights the student’s personality, skills, and qualifications. Students are also taught how to customize letters when applying for jobs and the importance of using keywords.

Altrain Assisting Academy also creates customized reference page for each student.

Professional Headshots

Each student will be provided a professional headshot.  These photos can be used for social media profiles including LinkedIn and Indeed.  They can also be used on student resumes and sent along with job applications.

Interview Tips and Techniques

During the class presentation, we thoroughly discuss the interview process and how to land a dream position. We discuss potential interview questions and how to answer them.  We teach students how to do research on offices and how to avoid common mistakes. Additionally, all students are provided the opportunity to participate in mock interviews.

Direct Placement Leads

Altrain Assisting Academy is well known in the Phoenix Metro area for excellent training.  Offices frequently contact the school seeking entry-level assistants for their staffing needs. Our job leads come from all over the valley and includes a wide range of opportunities.  When an office contacts us, we contact our students with the details and send their resume directly to the office.

We make every effort to place students in a field-related position, however, this is not offered as an inducement and no guarantee or representation of placement or employment is made or implied.