How long are Medical Assistant Programs in Phoenix?

Medical assistants are a vital part of any medical office. Medical Assistants work closely with physicians to help provide various health services to patients.  They are expected to have the flexibility and knowledge to take on any of the tasks that can be delegated to a medical assistant. Often, it’s a fast-paced, constantly changing career that can be very exciting and rewarding for those who are passionate about helping people.

Before you’re able to get started with a Medical Assistant program, a high school diploma or GED is required.

Medical Assistant certification programs can last anywhere from four months to two years, depending on the options the student selects.  This also includes the amount of time needed to complete an externship within a physician’s office.

The Altrain Assisting Academy Medical Assistant course is a four-month, hands-on course where you’ll experience real-world scenarios. While there is classroom time, you’ll experience the same amount of hands-on experience.  Some of those courses include foundational knowledge and basic science including medical terminology, medical conditions, procedures, infection control, and instruments.  It doesn’t end there, students will build on the knowledge they’ve gained in the previous course throughout the program.

The demand for medical assistants is growing rapidly, with a projected 18% increase in job demand from 2020 to 2023, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Altrain Assisting Academy completes the course with job placement services.  Students will be trained on job search and interview skills.  Each student will be provided with customized resumes and cover letters, internship and externship opportunities, and direct placement leads.

Once the student completes the course and passes the National Healthcare Association Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Exam, they will be qualified to work in any medical office as a front desk or back office assistant including all specialties, such as physician offices, chiropractic offices, hospitals, and outpatient care centers.

To have a successful experience in any medical assisting program, students are passionate about the medical field and helping others.  They are highly engaged in labs and running simulation experiments, never miss a class, and arrive early to class.

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