How to become a Paralegal in Arizona

Hands-on Paralegal Training
Become a Paralegal in 5 Months

A great career choice if you have interests in the law and helping people get the legal assistance they need.  Paralegals (also known as Legal Assistants) enjoy an exciting and challenging working environment, performing a variety of legal administrative tasks.  This is essential work for a well-functioning legal team of attorneys and other paralegals.

Paralegal growth in Arizona is largely tied to the state’s economy which, according to Forbes, grew 54% between 2000 and 2021. An interest in the legal field, the right certifications and a go-getter, determined personality are what you’ll need to become a Paralegal in Arizona.

Step 1:  Research Paralegal Training School

You’ll want to invest time in research to find the best paralegal school that fits your goals.  It’s important to find one that is going to help you grow into your occupation.

You’ll want to begin your search online by searching for “paralegal training near me” to find the best programs in your area.  Search results will also show reviews from previous students.

Step 2:  Selecting the Right Paralegal Program

Once you’ve selected a few Paralegal Schools in Arizona, focus on a few key areas to compare and consider.

  1. Length of Program
    Not all certification programs need to be lengthy. With a 5-month Paralegal Certification, you can jump into the legal setting with research, writing and legal skills you need for a successful career as a paralegal.
  2. Class Size
    Small class sizes allow for hands-on, one on one personalized administrative and technical instruction with experienced instructors.
  3. Curriculum
    Certificate programs which offer coursework relating to the paralegal profession should be hands on and detailed within a real-world environment. With a robust curriculum, including software training you’ll be able to enter a working environment with the skills expected of a Certified Paralegal.
  4. Job Placement
    Some schools are dedicated to the success of their students and offer job placement within the curriculum like interviewing tips and techniques. Some also include such job placement support like assisting in the preparation of a personalize resume, cover letter plus direct job placement which is a great benefit to the student.

Step 3:  Gain Experience in a Law Firm

Now that you’ve graduated and passed the certification exam, you’re able to gain experience in legal services.  You’ll have the opportunity to specialize in your paralegal career path. Just like a lawyer can specialize, you can also specialize as a paralegal in fields such as business law, family law, estate planning, trust administration and probate litigation to name a few.

Taking your interest in the legal system and turning it into a career is what Altrain Assisting Association is all about.  Our curriculum is designed to help students gain the knowledge and the hands on experience to enter the legal field successfully.

In 5 months, students have the ability to hone their legal skills and start on a paralegal career path.  Let us show you how.

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