Altrain Students

The Right Training for your Goal of Better Living

At Altrain Assisting Academy you’ll receive hands-on learning, real-world labs and simulations to gain the skills for a rewarding career in Phlebotomy.  Trained professionals who are Phlebotomists and draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations or research play a vital role in Healthcare.

This 5-week program will prepare you as a trained, professional Phlebotomists with real-world experience who draws blood for tests, transfusions, donations or research.

Our commitment to your success is ever lasting.  Once you graduate, we provide you with life long job placement services.

Why Altrain Assisting for Phlebotomy

Small classes allow for personalized instruction with experienced instructors for a real-world experience. You’ll be provided with the highest quality training and education to succeed in clinical, technical, and administrative aspects of a career as a Phlebotomy Technician.

Let’s get started…

Class Schedules

In Person Learning

Morning, afternoon and evening class schedules are available. All in person classes are 4 days a week for 3 hours a day. Classes typically start every month. 

Hybrid Learning

Learn when it’s convenient for you! This option includes watching 4 pre-recorded virtual lecture videos per week and attending in person labs on Saturdays for 6 hours a day. Classes typically start every quarter. 

Career Services

Altrain Assisting Academy offers Life-time Job Placement Assistance!  Our services are outlined below. We are proud of our 2022 job placement rate of 94%!

Job Placement Services Include:

  • 3 Hour Presentation
  • Interview Portfolio
  • Customized Resume, Cover Letter and Reference List
  • Interview Tips and Techniques
  • Professional Head Shots
  • Direct Placement Leads

The Altrain Promise

  • To offer quality hands-on education at a competitive price.
  • To treat each student as family and assist them in obtaining their career goals, dreams, and objectives.
  • To provide tutoring and life-time job placement services to all students past and present at no charge.
  • To prepare students for national exams to obtain employment.
  • To meet or exceed industry standards.
  • To grow and incorporate technology.
  • To mentor and restore work ethic.

Altrain Assisting Academy