Take the First Steps
Toward a Rewarding Career.

Why Altrain Assisting Academy?

Hands-On Learning

Qualified instructors lead hands-on courses, so you get real-world experience.

More Clock Hours

We provide you with the most amount of clock hours you need to succeed.

Friendly Environment

Learn in an environment that's fun and engaging, so you get the most out of the program that puts you on a path for success

Flexible Learning Options

In Person and Hybrid learning to fit your lifestyle. Earn your certificate within 3 - 5 months.


With financing options available and grant and scholarship opportunities, you can experience a quick return on your educational investment.

Lifelong Job Placement

When your program is complete, our commitment is not. We offer career services that help you find rewarding jobs upon graduation and beyond.


After completion of the program, you are qualified to work in any law firm, corporation, or government position as a Legal Assistant or Paralegal. Some specialties including Estate Planning, Probate, Family Law, Litigation and Criminal law.

Dental Assisting

When the course is complete, you will be qualified to work in any dental office including General, Cosmetic, Orthodontic, Oral Surgery, Endodontic and Pediatrics.

Medical Assisting

Altrain Assisting Academy teaches you how to work within all specialties such as physician offices, urgent care and outpatient care centers. A clinical externship is needed to complete the course.

Phlebotomy Technician

After completion of the program, you are qualified to work as a Phlebotomist. This program offers an optional externship. Students are thoroughly prepared in all aspects of phlebotomy including vein punctures and specimen collection.